ICEA offers a Masters degree and a postgraduate research degree in Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology. The research degree leads to a DPhil in Anthropology and is a variation of the School's DPhil programme. Details of the MSc in Cognitive & Evolutionary Anthropology are given below.


For the DPhil programme we encourage prospective students with interests in the broad areas of cognitive and evolutionary anthropology, evolutionary psychology and behavioural ecology (of both humans and non-human animals). Prospective students are likely to have backgrounds in behavioural ecology, evolutionary biology, psychology, neuroscience, archaeology, or biological/evolutionary anthropology. Applicants with other academic backgrounds in the humanities, social sciences or sciences will be considered on their individual merits in the light of the research projects they might want to undertake. A prior Masters degree will always be considered advantageous, but individual applicants will be considered on their own merits: in some cases, offers of places may be conditional on an applicant taking an appropriate Masters course (such as ICEA’s own MSc).

MSc Details

This programme explores human thought, behaviour, and culture from the perspectives of the evolutionary and cognitive sciences.

DPhil Details

Prospective DPhil students are normally admitted as Probationer Research Students and are expected to take relevant courses offered as part of our MSc in Cognitive & Evolutionary Anthropology (which must include the statistics course). Upgrade to full D.Phil. status at the end of the first year requires the submission of a project proposal and a satisfactory oral assessment based on this. In some cases, the supervisor may require the student to complete a further programme of methodological training or other preparatory work considered necessary for the proposed programme of research.

Who to contact for more information

For information regarding the Masters courses you should contact the Course Coordinator (MSc in Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology). For 2019-2020: Dr Laura Fortunato

Professor Elisabeth Hsu is the Doctoral Admissions and Research Convenor

For admissions questions please contact the Graduate Studies Administrator: Mrs Vicky Dean