Dr Steph Grohmann

stephanie grohmann

Research Affiliate

Steph Grohmann MSc PhD

Steph is an anthropologist with research interests in ethics and cognition; space and mobility; and the philosophy of science. Her work explores how ethical subjectivities are constructed through spatial practices across seemingly disparate contexts, such as homelessness, migration, and gender relations. Steph is particularly interested in political organizing as an ethical practice, and has for many years worked with activists and social movements across Europe.

Her doctoral research (Goldsmiths 2015) drew on extensive ethnographic work with property squatters in “Austerity Britain”, and argued that their understandings of solidarity point to processes of mutual interpersonal recognition essential to the becoming of ethical subjects.

Steph has recently turned this work into a book titled The Ethics of Space (under review at HAU Books, University of Chicago Press) and is currently working on concepts of “home”, identity, and belonging among EU-migrants in the UK after the Brexit referendum. She is also an Associate Editor at HAU – Journal of Ethnographic Theory

Steph has a background in philosophy, and active research interests in the philosophy of science, and ethics in Science and Technology. She is a member of the international Critical Realist network, has extensive experience consulting for private sector clients in data mining and (social) media research, and has been part of several interdisciplinary research collaborations, most recently Seshat: Global History Databank, and ALIGNED. Based on this work, Steph is currently developing a new research agenda, focusing on popular imaginations of machines as “cultural agents” in the context of changing labour relations.


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